Command & Conquer: An Act of War

"Finally we will put our hands on it."
- Malebranche

"Best mod ever!"
- PCTeen1's girlfriend

"Never heard of it."
- PCGamer

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An Act of War Features

An Act of War is a "TC", or "total conversion". This means that nearly everything in the original game has been changed, from maps to menus.

Version 2.0 (due out late this year)

An Act of War v2.0 is quite a change over the comparativly light USA "beta" featured in v1.1. 80% of the units and buildings seen in v1.1 have been changed or updated. Units now feature much more detail and work then previous versions. Along with the new standard of quality, a completely new side, Iraq is featured, along with the finished United States. v2.0 also comes with at least three missions, including the first USA mission, the first Iraqi mission, and at least one bonus mission not seen in the normal campaign mode.

Features List:

  • The United States of America
  • The Republic of Iraq
  • Artificial intelligence for both new sides
  • New music tracks to emphasize the new dramatic theme
  • New menus, fonts, and load images
  • New shellmap featuring an Iraqi military parade on TV
  • A multiplayer navy for both sides, available on special maps with Ports
  • Gripping intro movie featuring 3D animation and ingame footage
  • Iraqi mission 01, where you engage the U.S. Navy in the Gulf
  • USA mission 01, a prequel mission set in Los Angeles during a terrorist attack
  • Bonus mission 01, a Black Hawk Down style mission
  • Over 60 completely new units
  • Over 25 new buildings
  • Over 40 new civilian objects and mission specific objects
  • Over 100 new and enhanced particle effects
  • Over 50 new sound effects
  • Original storyline based on an alternate reality war with Iraq, and a prequel to Generals
  • Over three years of research into modern arms and Middle Eastern politics

Version 1.1 (available now)

Version 1.1 was an early beta test of the USA side. This version contains only the base of the USA featured in v2.0, without the updated units, graphics, etc. This version is now very outdated.