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Site Working Again
Posted: Saturday, August 25, 2007 12:53 AM 
I just got the site working again, turned out the site programmer stored the username and password of the site at 2 different places...

But it's fixed now. EvilViking should soon post some news!

It's That Time Again
Posted: Monday, October 16, 2006 10:29 PM 
The ball is rolling here once again, An Act of War fans! Despite hectic schedules for all of the team members, work has continued throughout, and is now rapidly picking up speed. I'd like to officially welcome back An Act of War mapper "IronRaptor" to the team! After a brief stint mapping for Empire at war, he's back where he belongs, the sweatshops beneath Derelict Studio's secret island base.

For today's update, we've got several renders and some hot off the press screenshots as well! This first render is carlie-7's first unit texture on the team. Expect plenty more high quality work from him as well as weston in the future!

From the Iraqi Faction Manual:

MiG-21 Drone
Purpose:  Anti-Infantry, Anti-Tank, Support, Harassment.
Baghdad has allegedly conducted experiments in converting aircraft into UAVs capable of carrying 2,000-liter spray tanks.  A variety of intelligence sources report that Iraq has converted an unspecified number of MiG-21 fighters into UAVs designed to conduct long range chemical or biological spray attacks.

This is the cheapest Iraqi aircraft that will be available to Iraqi Generals. It's armed with a chemical sprayer that douses ground units in a lethal flyby of anthrax, nerve, or other toxic gas. These aircraft are cheap drones not meant for much combat action, but are very expendable. When destroyed, the MiG-21 drone will smash into the ground, rupturing it's gas tanks and spilling whatever remaining chemicals were on board.

Our next render actually displays three different Iraqi infantry units. Presenting the pride of the Army of the Phoenix, the Iraqi Republican Guard, the Iraqi Desolator (aka, Chemical Trooper), and the Iraqi Rocket Guard, created by medicdude:

Here's their descriptions from the Iraqi Faction Manual:

Republican Guard
Purpose:  Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition.
These are not the soldiers who surrendered to the Americans in the hundreds of thousands during the Gulf War.  The feared Republican Guard is Iraq's crack fighting force, an elite squad par excellence crammed full of the fittest, best-trained, best-equipped and most highly motivated men in the country's army. They are armed with automatic weapons. Through bringing in Chinese and other foreign advisers, Republican Guard units can be built as veterans with the "Infantry Training" upgrade.

Rocket Guard
Purpose:  Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition.
Iraq’s tank fighters are well armed for dealing with armored ground vehicles and flying vehicles alike.  They are good at defending convoys of armor against air attacks and are even better at defending against enemy armor.

Iraqi Desolator (Chemical Trooper)
Purpose:  Anti-Infantry, Clear Garrisoned Structures, Terrain Acquisition.
These soldiers have been trained to use chemical weapons as standard munitions. Their weapons inflict area effect damage and their toxins are highly lethal to anything that breaths and can even do slight corrosive damage to vehicles.

I also decided to throw this min-render in as a bonus! This is a very simply Iraqi "structure", the anti-tank mine.

The Anti-Tank Mine can be deployed very quickly onto the battlefield by Iraqi Dozers. They can be used for base defense, or offensively for blocking choke points. The Anri-Tank mine cannot be seen by the enemy, except by stealth detecting units. The mine explodes when an enemy gets near it, or if the player detonates it manually.

I've also got a nice round up of eight ingame screenshots for you, highlighting some of the units found in this update, as well as general battle scenes. All of these screenshots were taken in the past week in the 1.68 staff alpha.

Before I hit the submit button on this update, I have a few other quick notes. My MSN Messenger account (formally has been deleted. I've also unfortunately lost my entire contact list. If you had me on your contact list, please add my new MSN Messenger address, which is also my current email address: Please note that while I appreciate fans contacting me, I'd like to remind you that I'm usually very busy and may not be able to talk. Thanks!

Also, don't forget that we're still looking for help! If you have a talent for texturing, modeling, particle effects, mapping/scripting, 2D art, voice acting, or any other modding skill that you think might be useful, please email me at!

Expect another update as soon as I can prepare it (these things take a lot of work! Whew!)


An Act Of War Is Back!
Posted: Sunday, August 27, 2006 04:16 AM 

Hello again An Act of War fans and fellow modders! Yes, we are indeed back! Many things contributed to the site's long downtime, but thanks to mastermike707's investigative work, everything seems to be up and running again.

So you ask, what has been going on since the last update? (It was posted April 2nd!) Well, over the summer, things slowed down a lot for the An Act of War staff. With the site down, enthusiasm waned for a while. Most of us were on vacation for large portions of the summer. So, while work has gotten done (look for an real update as soon as I can prepare it!), progress on v2.0 has crawled recently.

That's all about to change.

The #1 reason for the sudden slowdown is the simple fact that I'm now in college, and almost never at home, where my desktop PC is. What's the good news? In the next few weeks, I hope to be getting a brand new, powerful, workstation laptop. Now that I have access to a beastly T3 internet connection at college, I will soon be able to get things moving again.

An Act of War was my personal obsession throughout much of high school, and mark my words, it will be finished, no matter how long it takes! I'd like to thank all of the fans who have emailed me over the months inquiring about the site being down and the mod's status. Your patience will be rewarded will a fun, gripping, action-packed and professionally created total conversion.

So, as we get the gears moving again, feel free to jump into the forums. We love hearing your ideas, comments, and suggestions!

War is coming home, General.

EvilViking, Project Leader

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