Command & Conquer: An Act of War

"Finally we will put our hands on it."
- Malebranche

"Best mod ever!"
- PCTeen1's girlfriend

"Never heard of it."
- PCGamer

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The Team

  • EvilViking: Team Leader, Modeler, UV Mapper, Texture Artist, AI Coder, INI Coder, 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Video Production
    Joined: Founder
  • STURM-SHREK: Iraqi Design Lead, Texture Artist, Concept Artist
    Joined: October 2003
  • Garrick: Leader INI Coder, Modeler, Infantry Animator
    Joined: March 2004
  • Pestilence: Modeler, Skinner
    Joined: RETIRED
  • Bdmboy: Building modeler
    Joined: RETIRED
  • imustkill: Lead Scripter
    Joined: January 2005
  • IronRaptor: Lead Mapper
    Joined: September 2004
  • weston: Lead Modeler
    Joined: August 2005
  • mastermike707: Website Designer & Developer
    Joined: December 2004
  • A.W.O.W.: Voice actress, EvilViking's Better Half
    Joined: 11/13/05
  • carlie-7: Texture Artist, GUI Designer
    Joined: April 2006

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Derelict Studios:

Derelict Studios members not on the immediate team who have contributed

  • Godwin: L33t Derelict Studios Texture Artist
  • Accele: Modeler, Texture Artist
  • medicdude: Infantry Modeler/Texture Artist

Special Thanks To:

Thanks to the many others I've most likely forgotten!