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Derelict Studios was founded back in 2003 with a simple idea in mind, to provide a stable environment to create the best mods we could. We only ever host more than a handful of active mods at any time and if a mod doesn't meet our standards or becomes inactive, action is taken. The two most notable examples of this are;

Iron Curtain (for 'Command and Conquer' Generals):

The entire mod was over 90% completed when we canceled it. Iron Curtain's design was simple, remake the original Red Alert exactly as it was, down to the same exact unit balancing. The problem was that it just wasn't nearly as fun as we thought it would be and it was clear that it just wasn't working. Instead of doing a massive overhaul, we opted to pull the plug and focus on our other, better mods.

Blitzkrieg 3 - Fortress Europe (for 'The Battle for Middle Earth'):

Unlike Iron Curtain, this design was solid from the start. The problem was that despite EA's generous addition of vehicle turret logic for us, modding for BFME was nowhere near as easy or as flexible as Generals. This not only made development much more difficult, but limited our design options. In the end we decided to put Blitz3 on hold, reuse the art made for it in Blitz2 and waited for a better engine to make it for.

This is one of the reasons why Derelict Studios is one of the longest running and most respected modding groups in the 'Command and Conquer' community. This is why throughout the years our mods have been played by hundreds of thousands of people, been featured countless times in top gaming magazines and some of our staff has moved on into the gaming industry as a career.

We owe a big thanks to the fans and the community which makes this all possible, and hopefully we'll continue making quality mods for many years to come.

Other Activities

In addition to creating our own mods, Derelict Studios has periodically teamed with Isotx to create the MIDEAST CRISIS mods.

Derelict Studios has also had the honor of advising EA in the creation of their RTS SDK's.