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Derelict Studios Advertising

Always wanted to advertise your game or movie over a period of several days to a young audience willing to spend money on quality products? Always wanted to draw visitors to your site, but you could never afford the enormous sums of money big advertising companies ask? Always wanted your advertisements to display a limited number of times per day, so one hyperactive user doesn't watch all 10,000 views in a single day?

Now you can, through Derelict Studios Advertising!
Pay for a set number of views, and set the maximum amount of views a single user can have per day, to ensure no single user can wear out all the views in a single day, and your advertisement will run for as many days as it takes to reach the maximum number of views, thus maximizing the time your advertisement runs, and maximizing your reach.

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Derelict Studios is a gaming related community site, which averages 15,000 hits a day, with over 2,000 unique visitors daily.
Derelict Studios has a loyal visitor's base, many of them frequenting the site for over 5 years, thus ensuring a stable number of visitors during the year.